The Art of Lauren Partington

July 25, 2011


Here's another creative I worked on. Boss Lady used colored gels over the lights, creating different colored shadows on the model and the environment.
White colored clothing worked best for mixing gels.
The look is tailored meets sexy and fresh.
I had loads of fun shopping for different looks; I actually went overboard with a good five looks.
I'm also very lucky to have been able to style a model from the iconic Ford Models agency.

Below are the ones that made the cut.

Shot by Andrea Stenson of Stenson Photography (

Model - Maddie Kay of Ford Models (

Styling - Lauren Partington

MUA/Hair - Mary Beth of Judy Inc. (

July 19, 2011


Here’s a creative I styled during my internship. I’d like to get into more details about a day in the life as a stylist, but I will leave that for another post.

Aside from the styling, I also drew the backgrounds for the shoot. I love collaborating with super creative and passionate people, it makes my job that much more fun.

The photographer is Andrea Stenson of Stenson Photography ( aka Boss Lady!

Model – Lora of Elmer Olsen (

Styling – Lauren Partington

MUA/Hair – Karly Jade

Below are the shots and one of Boss Lady in her element. Enjoy!


Originally supposed to be Dionne Bromfield but it kinda morphed into its own thing C: Enjoy.


A fun, quick little drawing. Enjoy.

Jasmine / June 2011

My lovely cousin asked for a sketch of her and I finally sat down and drew something up. Scanner butchered the colors so I played a bit with hues in Photoshop. Enjoy.

Springtime / May 2011

Just a fun little sketch of my boyfriend, my dog and I in the rain. My scanner’s on the fritz at the moment so it’s a crappy phone photo. Enjoy.

Summer 2011 / May 2011

I can breathe a sigh of relief, third year is over.

This week I started working at Stenson Photography, ran by the lovely and most talented Andrea Stenson. I am her stylist intern for the summer.

Andrea shoots a variety of subjects but her true passion is fashion photography. Check out her website

WIP / April 2011

Third year is a selfish year. It only allows you to work on the group film and nothing else! Unfair, but when I do find spare time (procrastinating?) I’m sketching. There’s a huge stack of loose paper on my desk with sketches I’d like to post but cannot find the time. I’m putting work off by updating….

Two WIP’s that will get finished when school wraps up in two weeks. I have a week off before I start my internship so good grief, I will get some finished work up here if it kills me.

Another Janelle Monáe sketch. The ArchAndriod album has become a favourite of mine.

Edith Head’s costume designs for Audrey Hepburn are stunning and very inspiring, so I sketched from some of her work. I can’t remember what film the outfit is from, possibly ‘Sabrina.’


Janelle Monáe / March 2011

Normally I don’t post work-in-progress or unfinished work but it’s a new year and I’d like to update my blog more than once a month. This is in the rough stages and I want to finish it. It just started as a sketch, not intending for it to be anything more than that. Unfortunately, the photo was taken on my phone :\

Janelle Monáe is one very talented, up-and-coming musician. Enjoy.

Always Looking for Inspiration / January 2011

Saw these canvas prints at HomeSense and especially enjoyed the 1932 cover of Harper’s BAZAAR. Below is a beautiful Fendi jacket I saw while doing some shopping in Florida over the holiday. And of course, Dior. Enjoy.

Daphne and Dior, respectively / December 2010

Two sketches I haven’t found time to post until now. I must apologize for the lack of quality, the drawings couldn’t fit properly in the scanner. The first sketch is of the lovely Daphne Guinness and the second is an unfinished piece based on a couture Dior outfit. Enjoy.

Classical Animation vs. Stop Mo & RWF / December 2010

In third year, first semester, we have a sketchbook assignment that compares classical approaches to animation to stop motion. My favorite was the differences in textures. I did a quick sketch based off of the lovely Daphne Guinness (who has become my muse when working on fashion illustrations). The left is a simplified character that works within the realms of classical animation, and on the right a puppet for stop motion, allowing the outfit to become as detailed as desired (which is one of the many aspects I enjoy about stop mo). Anyway, it was nice to have to chance to include some fashion related work within an animation assignment, as the opportunity rarely presents itself. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

A spontaneous edit -

I decided to include some of my Royal Winter Fair sketches from first semester since this post is related to school work.

Some Inspiration / December 2010

Two photos I took recently that have inspired me. The first is a painting from IKEA, and the second is wine from the LCBO (yes, of all places). Enjoy.

Colored / November 2010

I’ve been looking for feedback on my fashion related work and the majority of people say to add color. Makes perfect sense. So here’s one of my sketches, colored in Photoshop. Enjoy.

“I belong to another generation….You sit…and discuss your sports and your young ladies….” / October 2010

I adore everything from the 1920′s. Love the way F Scott Fitzgerald describes Daisy in 'The Great Gatsby'. The fashion during the roaring twenties is very inspiring and I’m always sketching ladies of the time. This rough sketch is from my 6″x6″ sketchbook. Enjoy.

Rene Gruau Inspired / October 2010

After researching and looking through loads of Rene Gruau’s work, it definitely inspired me to sketch! I was sitting in an early lecture Monday morning with the lights off and started drawing. I sketched this from memory, heavily influenced by a painting of Gruau’s. I cannot begin to explain how lovely his work is. What a talented man he was! Google him! Enjoy.

More Fashion / October 2010

Finally got my scanner hooked up so now I can post my traditional work. Below are some sketches I’ve done over the summer holiday and recently. Most drawings are based off of photographs (I love to ‘push’ these drawings), and the others are from my head. I like to work loose, hoping to convey more movement and fluidity in my work. A cleaned up drawing is nice some of the time, but a rough sketch always reads better to me C: That’s definitely from the animation side in me.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time for more fashion sketches because of school but I do tend to sketch quite a bit in class.

The drawings on the manila-type paper are in a 6″x6″ sketchbook and the rest are from an 11″x17″ sketchbook. I’m trying to work larger but the small sketchbook is ideal for class. I mostly just use a red pencil, but some have graphite and marker over top. Oh, and the occasional pen sketch.

Oh, and the last drawing is of Hiccup from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ C: