The Art of Lauren Partington

July 19, 2011

More Fashion / October 2010

Finally got my scanner hooked up so now I can post my traditional work. Below are some sketches I’ve done over the summer holiday and recently. Most drawings are based off of photographs (I love to ‘push’ these drawings), and the others are from my head. I like to work loose, hoping to convey more movement and fluidity in my work. A cleaned up drawing is nice some of the time, but a rough sketch always reads better to me C: That’s definitely from the animation side in me.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time for more fashion sketches because of school but I do tend to sketch quite a bit in class.

The drawings on the manila-type paper are in a 6″x6″ sketchbook and the rest are from an 11″x17″ sketchbook. I’m trying to work larger but the small sketchbook is ideal for class. I mostly just use a red pencil, but some have graphite and marker over top. Oh, and the occasional pen sketch.

Oh, and the last drawing is of Hiccup from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ C:


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