The Art of Lauren Partington

July 19, 2011

WIP / April 2011

Third year is a selfish year. It only allows you to work on the group film and nothing else! Unfair, but when I do find spare time (procrastinating?) I’m sketching. There’s a huge stack of loose paper on my desk with sketches I’d like to post but cannot find the time. I’m putting work off by updating….

Two WIP’s that will get finished when school wraps up in two weeks. I have a week off before I start my internship so good grief, I will get some finished work up here if it kills me.

Another Janelle Monáe sketch. The ArchAndriod album has become a favourite of mine.

Edith Head’s costume designs for Audrey Hepburn are stunning and very inspiring, so I sketched from some of her work. I can’t remember what film the outfit is from, possibly ‘Sabrina.’


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