The Art of Lauren Partington

January 28, 2013

All Dressed Up in Black and White

Watched "Suit & Tie" from Justin Timberlake and loved it.  The animation alongside the fashion of Tom Ford, the video being back and white.... can't help but dig it!  Sketched out his lovely shoes while watching the video.  Has a slight MJ feel to it.

January 12, 2013

Violy and Smith

I wondered what Michelle Violy would look like wearing Milly by Michelle Smith.
Really, really want to clean up and colour this in TVPaint.
Trying to push for a more animatable character.

January 9, 2013

Late Night

Some late night experimenting with watercolour pencils and marker.  My Moleskin sketchbook does not take well to marker, the paper is way too thin :\  Excuse to buy new sketchbook?  Check.
And I swear I'll scan stuff from now on.